busesNormal oil and filter changes for school buses range from 3,000 miles on gasoline engines and 6,000 miles on diesel engines.

Because of the individual PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner System's approach to each engine’s crankcase capacity, the oil in each engine is completely refined a minimum of seven (7) times per hour, regardless of the amount of oil that is in the crankcase.

All PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner Pac Elements and engine oil filters will last 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers) or 2,000 engine hours before needing to be changed, versus 3,000 miles for gasoline engines and 6,000 miles or 250 engine hours for diesel engines.

To date, more than 1,000 school buses have successfully accumulated more than 5 million miles without an oil change with the use of the PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner System.

This includes six different makers, eight different types of diesel engines, and three types of gasoline engines. 

Here are some of the engines PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiners Systems are installed on:

  • Cummings ISB 6.7
  • International DT-466E
  • Freightliner 3126 (7.2) Caterpillar
  • Freightliner C-7 Caterpillar
  • Bluebird 5.9 Cummings
  • Chevrolet 8.2 (General Motors)
  • International 7.3
  • International 444-E
  • Freightliner 3116 Caterpillar

The  gas engines include:

  • Chevrolet 350
  • Chevrolet 366
  • Ford 370

The following are comments from just one satisfied PetroSavers customer:

“We currently have over 6 different shool districts representing 1,000 buses which have accumulated more than 5 million miles without and oil change!"