generator engines

Normal oil and filter changes for generator engines range from 250 engine hours to 1,500 engine hours, depending upon the type and size of the engine and oil crankcase capacity.

The PetroSavers® Engine Oil Refiner System has successfully extended oil drains on generators from 300 and 500 engine hours respectively, to an unprecedented 19,000 engine hours without an oil change.

PetroSavers National Corporation has been able to bring a savings on generators, stationary engines and gas compressors totalling a 66% per engine reduction in maintenance. In several instances we have saved 85% in total maintenance costs.  

Because of the individual PetroSavers® Engine Oil Refiner System approach to each engine's crankcase capacity, the oil in each engine is completely refined a minimum of seven (7) times per hour, regardless of the amount of oil in the crankcase.

All PetroSavers® Engine Oil Refiner Pac Elements and your existing engine oil filters will last 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers) and or 2,000 engine hours before needing to be changed.